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2017 SoMeck8 Conference Champs!

Congratulations to the Lady Nights on their win last Friday over South Meck. It was a very close game in which South Meck fought hard. In the end, Ardrey Kell held the lead! Game action photos will be posted later this evening.


Basketball Senior Night

Below photos from Tuesday's Senior Night. Congratulations to all AK's Basketball Team Seniors!


Photos from Reverse Homecoming


Pre-paid Photo Cards Now Available!

Parents, We now have a way that makes it easy for students to purchase the photo downloads they want and keep you from having to give them your credit card each time. Pre-paid Photo Cards!

They work similar to cards you get at the stores to buy online music; simply contact me and purchase a gift card (available in $20 increments) and when your student wants to make a purchase, they enter the code from the card to complete the transaction! For more details, use the Contact Me link on the About Us menu. 

Tip! - Make your Images Bigger

Do you know what it means to "Crop" a photo? Cropping a photo is like "zooming-in" on the part you are most interested in. It will make your subject bigger and in most cases, you will not lose any clarity. Click HERE for details or contact me if you have a question.

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2016/17 Team Portraits

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Swim & Dive


Women's Golf

JV Football    Varsity Football

JV Soccer    Varsity Soccer

JV Volleyball    Varsity Volleyball

2016 Grad Photos Here!

All Diploma presentation photos are available now. Diploma photos are loaded by Homeroom teacherClick here for the 2016 Graduation folder:  

Diplomas, Ceremony & Candids

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